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Chargeback Reimbursement

In the case of a Chargeback, Merchants have little to no protection, UNTIL NOW.
We are now offering our Merchants Chargeback Protection against Fraudulent Transactions, EMV Liability Shift, Fallback, and even Chargeback Fees up to $1,000!

This Program is not another fee, but an optional benefit that protects you against Chargeback losses you already experience today. Saving you from one Chargeback can cover the cost of the program for years!

Unlike other programs, this Program is backed by insurance and not subject to laborious qualification requirements for claim payments.

Merchant Data Security

We have put together the industry’s most Fully Comprehensive PCI Compliance / HIPAA Breach and Merchant Data Security Protection Program. Unlike other basic breach programs, coverage is not limited to only response costs.

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