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What Is Payment Engine?

Payment Engine is a middleware library that allows developers to work with a variety of EMV capable payment terminals without the hassle of integrating and certifying each solution. The middleware is compatible with such platforms as iOS and Android as well as a cloud-based solution through any browser.
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Ireland Pay always offers advanced tools to assist developers in integrating with their solutions. From basic integration libraries to a list of API languages, developers have the ability to integrate quickly and focus on growing their business.


The Payment Engine is a middleware library that provides a simple, robust software integration for developers. The library has an easy method of implementing EMV terminals that work on Ireland Pay’s mobile and cloud-based applications.

Mobile Middleware

The Payment Engine middleware library supports iOS applications. The middleware library allows merchants to pair their EMV devices to Ireland Pay’s mobile application through a Bluetooth connection and start processing EMV, contactless (Apple Pay), and credit/debit transactions right away.

Test Environment

Without developers going through the hassle of EMV certification, the Payment Engine platform features built-in terminal inventory and software management tools. It also ensures merchant devices are automatically updated and gives developers flexible middleware integration for EMV processing terminals from such companies as Verifone, Ingenico, and Castle.

Cloud-based Middleware

There are many advantages to the Payment Engine middleware library for developers. The library includes a rich set of API calls that allows users to manage devices and initiate transactions with seamless access to supported EMV terminals.


Ireland Pay is happy to work with developers to get their software developer kits working smoothly with their mobile application building process.

The Software Developer Kit for iOS and Android devices allows developers to focus on building a mobile application, while Ireland Pay provides the necessary payment features an app requires.


The iOS library is designed to give developers the tools necessary to create a highly customized payment applications for Apple Mobile devices.

Test Environment

Ireland Pay's provides test accounts that allows developers to try out much of the gateway functionality within their applications.

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