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Ireland Pay’s Credit Card Processing Solution provides and integrates with a wide variety of terminal and software options, including the latest mobile and EMV solutions.

  •         E-commerce
    Do you offer products or services online or need to accept online transactions? Our eCommerce team will consult with you to find the online platform that allows your business to process payments seamlessly and stay on the forefront of technology.

    • Ease of integration. Combined with our library of APIs and other developer tools, allows us to easily integrate with almost any online payment platform.

    • 24/7 support . We’ll do anything possible, day or night, to help our clients (and your customers) achieve incredible success.

    • Multiple processing environments. We have integration platforms for multi-platform solutions including eCommerce, retail, restaurant, and mobile.

    • Maximum security .We offer the highest level of security that protects your business and your clients’ information against data thieves.

  •        Point of Sale (POS)
    You shouldn’t have to adjust how you run your business for one machine. Instead, you should find a POS solution that seamlessly fits into your business. We work with all kinds of POS companies so we can find a system that is directly suited for your current operations. Let us provide you with clarity and options before you buy.

    • Free hands-on consultation A member of our POS team will narrow down your options and find a system that meets all your needs.

    • No interruptions to your business Our team will provide a seamless install at no cost to you.

    • On-site training Once the POS is installed, a specialist will walk you through how to operate the system.

    • Support when you need it We understand problems arise, so we have a 24/7 on-call team to assist you at any time.
  •        Mobile Payment
    Need to accept payments on the go? Whether you want to take credit cards by iPhone, iPad, tablet, or any other mobile device, we’ll find a solution that accommodates your business. Our flexibility allows us to scale alongside the growth of your business and integrate with almost any platform.

    • Simple. Swipe or dip your customers cards on the go.

    • We provide instance access to updated stats about how your business is performing.

    • Scalability to accommodate growth . We’re flexible enough to adjust with the ebbs and flows of your business.

    • Take your business on the go. Make a sale from anywhere, at any time.
  •        Gift & Loyalty Cards
    Personalized branded gift and loyalty programs—once only available for big businesses—can now be accessed by every size business.
    Branded gift cards help increase sales by introducing new customers to your business while loyalty cards increase sales by rewarding your best customers and incentivizing repeat visits.

    • Gain new customers. Increase sales with gift cards that help introduce new customers to your business.

    • Incentivize existing customers. Reward your best customers with customized loyalty programs that encourage repeat visits.

    • Compete with big businesses. Gift cards are becoming more and more popular among consumers. Give your customers an easy and convenient way to treat their friends and family to what you have to offer over national brands.

    • Build relationships. Gift cards give you multiple touch-points to connect with your customers including in-store, online, and through loyalty programs.
  •        Working Capital
    Need help growing your business? With our Working Capital program, we have set aside millions of dollars to help independent businesses succeed. To date, we have already invested over $25 million in our clients’ community businesses, helping them build and improve their businesses without the process and fees of a bank loan. There are no minimum amounts, no monthly payments, and it’s free and painless to apply.

    • No worrying about late paymentsWe purchase a fixed percentage of your future credit card transactions, so you’ll never have to think about making a payment.

    • Free and easy to applyIt wouldn’t make sense to charge you for an application, so we don’t ask for a fee. To apply, you simply need to fill out a one-page application and provide your three most recent bank statements.

    • Flexible terms based on your situationWe understand the ebbs and flows of business, so when sales are up, your business will pay a little more. When your business is slower, you’ll pay less. We adjust to what works best for you.

    • Access to funds almost immediatelyOnce your business is approved, we can have the funds in your bank account within one business day.
  •        Customer Analytics
    We understand the importance of saving you time and money. That’s why we’re equipping you with a tool that helps you allocate resources more efficiently. We have developed a Customer Analytics platform and automated marketing platform that allows you to easily target your top customers and optimize your profits. Customer Analytics allow you to see customer data to gain insight about them, so you can fine-tune how you interact with them.

    • Easy-to-use reports. Our simple interface will help you understand each statistic so you can take action to boost your revenue and increase efficiency.

    • Access and respond to online reviews. Easily monitor and respond to customer reviews in real time from places like Yelp, Facebook, and Google+.

    • Evaluate promotional campaign effectiveness. Find out which promotions are (or are not) working so you can be confident in your business decisions.

    • Target your top spenders. Figure out who your best customers are and message them with promotions exclusively for their use.

    • Learn the most (or least) profitable times of the day. With that information, you can run a deal during down times to get customers through your doors or capitalize on busy hours.

    • Discover how many customers you acquire. Determine the effectiveness of promotions you run and the types of customers they attract.

Grow your Business

We accommodate existing systems with ease, regardless of your current situation. With systems that adapt to your technology and features that align with your business, Ireland Pay powers payments for businesses both large and small. Our unique combination of payments experience and industry depth enables us to deliver an unprecedented level of integration and customization for your business.